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Elleanor Jean Hendley

Elleanor Jean Hendley is an Emmy Award-winning former CBS 3 Philadelphia, PA television news journalist and public school teacher.

She's a Leader

Reflections on the 2016 Presidential Election

By Jenné Ayers
In the world of politics, 2016 was quite a chaotic year. Norms that had been established for decades were completely upended. Civility took a backseat to brashness. And people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds were subject to discriminatory rhetoric.

College Girls

Sherron Boyd’s Goal: School Superintendent

Sherron Boyd, a Grace Teenshop alumna, is a sophomore at Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Mathematics. Her goal is to become a school superintendent. Sherron enrolled in DSU onsite during a visit with her chapter.


Women’s History Month Luncheon

We are pleased to announce that Keir Bradford-Grey, Esq., Chief Defender of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, will be the keynote speaker for our annual fundraising event. Saturday, March 25, 2017, 12Noon - 2:30PM, Hilton Hotel, City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Click here for ticket information

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