Zion Teenshop

Philadelphia, PA

Email: teenshop1985@gmail.com

  • Beech Interplex
  • 1501 North Broad Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19122
  • Kenneth Scott, President and CEO

Leadership Team

  • Shaquerrah Brew,
    Executive Director and Teenshop Alumna
  • Leslie O’Rouke,
    Program Director
  • LaSada Rosa,
    Community Service Director
  • Glenda Wilkerson,
  • Jasmine Daniels,
    Secretary and Teenshop Alumna

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The Teenshop Pledge

I pledge myself to be a positive, productive, and concerned citizen.
I will maintain good moral character and be a role model for other youth to follow.
I will work in harmony with all the members of my Teenshop chapter,
and I pledge to uphold our standards of excellence in all my endeavors.

Teenshop Rocks!

Teenshop has truly been a positive factor in my life. I looked forward to every workshop I attended because I knew that I would learn and experience something new, as well as interact with other girls who strive to reach their goals like me. I used the lessons that Teenshop taught me about the workforce during job interviews and when conducting myself at my summer job. I also learned some good beauty tips, how to properly dine at fancy restaurants, and actions to take when applying to college.

I was honored when the chapter selected me a mentor because it made me realize that I have something to offer to others, whether it be helpful advice or someone to look up to. Teenshop helped me come out of my shell. I have noticed that I am less introverted now, so I speak my mind and socialize a lot more than when I first joined the program. I will always be grateful for being a part of Teenshop because I received life advice that not many other young women get the chance to receive, that empowered me and encouraged me to set long-term goals and work towards them.

Kristen Burwell
Howard University