Bryn Mawr College, Montgomery County PA

July 8-19, 2018

Rising senior scholars spend two weeks on the Bryn Mawr College campus for a transformational series of academically challenging workshops and empowering activities focused on building leadership skills and ensuring a successful transition to college. Our program is open to girls nationwide, and enrollment is competitive.

Registration materials will be posted on January 10, 2018. For more information:

Teenshop Rocks!

Thank you for affording my daughter, Cydney Brown, the opportunity to participate in the Residential College Preparatory Program at Bryn Mawr College. The program was beneficial to Cydney in the following ways. The program served as a unique experience for Cydney to engage with accomplished women of color that are successful in their respective careers. The workshops the women conducted helped Cydney take a pragmatic approach at planning out how to achieve her career goals. The women also provided their contact information and offered mentoring in the future. Cydney was extremely excited that she was able to network with these powerful women and plans to contact one of the mentors for an internship opportunity. The program also allowed Cydney to spend time with like-minded young women and to share negative and positive experiences. Cydney was comfortable being in a environment in which being articulate, having aspirations and doing well in school was celebrated and not frown upon. The time spent with the program participants definitely empowered Cydney and boosted her self-confidence. Lastly, the program’s structure provided Cydney with a realistic feel of what going away to college will be like. The program strengthened Cydney’s time management and organizational skills. It really brought home to Cydney that living on campus is a huge responsibility and she must hold herself accountable for her actions to be successful. Thanks again, for providing such an invaluable program! Sheena Brown Mother of a participant I am thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in such a challenging, yet motivating program. I learned many useful professional skills, as well as life skills. My exposure to college living helped prepare me for what to expect as I go on to college in the fall of 2016. The program was truly an experience to remember and one that I would love to do again. Gyanni Wesley Drexel Unversity