A Message to Teenshop Families

Elleanor Jean Hendley
Founder and CEO

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for choosing Teenshop to help empower your daughters!
We’re excited to partner with you as we prepare our ‘girls with goals’® for success in school and life.

In an effort to strengthen our partnership, Teenshop is creating a Parent Portal, which we are very excited about! It will be similar to portals found on school websites which you can access with a password, and it will have lots of features, including forms that you can complete online. Meantime, although this website is public, we wanted to start posting general information which should also be available to you from your chapter.

Our goal is to have the portal up and running in early 2018. Meantime, always feel free to contact me directly (Teenshop1985@gmail.com) with any questions and comments, and make sure to include your daughter’s name and chapter.

We appreciate your partnership!

You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation or pay Teenshop fees.
Credit cards are accepted. The PayPal page will indicate “Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition” but the funds will be credited to Teenshop.
Please complete the section that says “Special Instructions for Teenshop.” Indicate the reason for your donation, as suggested, and include your name, your daughter’s name and chapter.

  • Chapter Membership (Tuition) Fee
  • General donation for Teenshop, Inc. or a specific chapter


Please check back often for updates and contact your chapters for more information.

We Need Your Help!