Mount Carmel Teenshop

Philadelphia, PA


  • Mount Carmel Baptist Church
  • 5732 Race Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19139
  • Rev. Dr. Donald Moore, Pastor

Leadership Team

  • Ebony Wortham, Esq.,
  • Janaye Taylor,
    Program Director
  • Angel Barfield,
    Community Service Director
  • LaShonda Abduh,

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The Teenshop Pledge

I pledge myself to be a positive, productive, and concerned citizen.
I will maintain good moral character and be a role model for other youth to follow.
I will work in harmony with all the members of my Teenshop chapter,
and I pledge to uphold our standards of excellence in all my endeavors.

Teenshop Rocks!

I’ve learned a lot throughout my few years in Teenshop. I’ve learned to keep my options open, take care of responsibilities, and most importantly stay strong. Or many workshops and field trips have introduced me to different careers and schools that I could possibly make a part of my life. My first college tour was with Teenshop to Millersville University, and I’m proud to say that I am now enrolled.

This organization taught me that not everything is served on a silver platter, one has to work for it. One has to give their undivided attention to reach their goals. Even if a storm is coming, you’ll pull through.

Makhya Page
Millersville University