Donna Ruley

Donna Ruley

Can we be honest – It’s real easy to give up, isn’t it?

What could be so devastating that you throw your hands in the air, walk away, and proclaim, “I’m done!” Far too often this becomes the one stop option for women and girls going through the trials and tribulations of life. We give up – and we give in – far too easy, far too soon.  Somehow the notion to “try again” is lost in the emotions of the moment.  What a loss!

If history is indeed a teacher, there are numerous occasions  when women heard, “no” first, were even told “you can’t”,  then there were those who dared to dream “the impossible” and  fell flat on their faces – but they still proceeded to go forward.  These women had a thirst to survive. They were driven beyond the evidence of things not seen. They chose faith over failure!

By definition, a period is an instance or occurrence when something has ended. Nothing more to come.
A comma is used to indicate a separation of ideas or of elements within the structure of a sentence. A pause, expect more to come.

Without a doubt, moaning and complaining is easier!   Choosing to be the victim rather than a conqueror always is. Real easy to wallow in “woe it’s me”.  If you’re sitting on that ledge, I’ll ask you this: Failure: Period or Comma – Fatal or Temporary? You decide.

When faith and failure rendezvous, failure will court you. It will shamelessly portray itself as a secret lover. At its best it is a deceiving, highly functioning chameleon. Sometimes demonstrative, sometimes on the down low.  It manipulates your focus. The resolve to stand on your square can be weakened and overcome by failure’s charisma.  If you let it. It will make you question your self-sufficiency, question your self-worth and your self-respect.

I challenge you to call its bluff! Evict it from your personal space. Fortify your space with the substance of things hoped for. Don’t be polite with it – WOMAN UP!
Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. COMMA.
Don’t blame others. COMMA. Take stock in yourself .COMMA.  Do a self-inventory. COMMA.
Trust and believe your best is yet to come. COMMA.

NOW…Gather all your COMMAS, and add up your dividends. They have paid you valuable life experiences.  Taste and savor the memories of their sweetness and the time you spent together.
Have no regrets. COMMA…At this very moment, recognize you are in possession of a faith key.
It will unlock your success if you let it.

Before we wrap things up…It’s time…Tell your secret lover failure…You deserve better. . . PERIOD!

Donna G. Ruley is the Executive Director of Zion Teenshop and has held this position since 1998. She became involved with the chapter as a parent volunteer when her daughter Latanya, now a Zion Teenshop alumna, joined. Latanya serves as the chapter’s Community Service Director and president of the Teenshop Alumnae Club.

Donna works as an Executive Assistant at KenCrest Services and also serves as a Key Connector for the agency. KenCrest is a non-profit human services agency providing supports and services for adults and children with developmental disabilities in the Delaware Valley, Delaware State and Connecticut. KenCrest also offers Early Intervention, Head Start, Child Care, Pre-K Counts and residential services for medically fragile children.